Know Your Archetype

Here is an introduction to the archetypal path you have been set on.  Which archetype are you?

What is this all about?

What is an Archetype?

An archetype is a collection of behaviors and qualities seen or experienced together repetitively across cultures.

Women's Archetypes

Women have been divided into one of two archetypes since the beginning of   recorded history. Research shows that these two halves have been found in every culture for at least the last six thousand years. These archetypes are found in ancient Egypt, in Mesopotamia, in Ancient Greece, and in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. They are found in mythology from every continent.

When we place a name to, or align a behavior with, 

an archetype it becomes more narrow, and while it is easier for us to relate to it, it becomes a narrow and sometimes dangerous symbol in culture.

Women's archetypes have developed, but without the rigorous and multi-focused attention that archetypes associated with men (king, hero, savior) have received. 

As a result women get put into SYMBOLIC categories that are much harder to influence in a positive way. Symbols become FIXED much more easily than archetypes.  

Our goal is for every woman to rule her FemmePyre.  We want to illuminate the way that culture sets women into their archetypal journeys and liberate all women to reclaim their inherent, queenly right to rule their own lives in loving, radical sovereignty.

Unnamed Archetypes are Dangerous

When an archetype is unnamed in culture, it is very dangerous. This is because people recognize it but cannot put their finger on it, rendering it more magical, more powerful, and more difficult to fight. Naming the archetypes at work in the world gives us power to discuss them, and bring them down to earth.

Women often don't have the benefit of "choosing" an archetype, rather, they get symbols projected onto them. Symbols are "stickier" they are easy to catch, and hard to lose. Once you've gotten stuck with a symbol, it's hard to shake. Just ask any woman who's gotten a label of "difficult", or "bitchy".

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